Ouellet Construction Contract

Remember when that’s all it took to close a deal?


At Ouellet Construction we’ve built our reputation on honesty, transparency, adding value at every stage, and getting the job done right.

Add to that a technological edge that we keep on pushing, and you get a formula that works. And, to prove it, we celebrated our 20th anniversary in 2012.

There’s plenty of complexity in project planning, so we try to make communication between stakeholders as simple and transparent as possible.

Our approach fosters a win-win environment, with all team members working toward a common goal of excellence, realistic solutions, and timely completion. Our sole consideration is what’s best for the project.

When challenges arise, we figure it out. In that respect, you can trust us to manage the details, as well as the stress.

From forklifts to telescopic boom lifts, scissor lifts to staging—when we need it, we have the equipment at the ready to support our team and be as proficient and efficient as possible, with no time wasted sourcing or leasing. Additional and specialized equipment is outsourced when appropriate for each project.

Whether you’re a valued client of many years, or this is our first project together, a handshake is all we require to give that project our all.

It’s part of a business philosophy that has earned us a reputation for integrity among clients and subcontractors alike. We invite you to put us to the test.