About Ouellet Construction

A Maine Construction Company

Madawaska, Maine – 1959:

Ouellet Construction was founded with the determination to deliver construction excellence regardless of the job challenges, a dedication that was later inherited by many in the Ouellet family. Albert Ouellet, the founder of Ouellet Construction and a mason by trade, mastered the art of efficiency among remote job sites and excelled even under the most inhospitable northern Maine conditions.

A Continued Passion for Delivering Quality Commercial Construction in Southern Maine

Albert’s son and current president, Mike Ouellet, was eager to get involved in the business from a young age. Mike–like so many future employees–shadowed his father on job sites before he was old enough to legally work, and by the time he was in his twenties, gained hands-on experience in multiple trades as well as with project management. These various experiences managing and executing efficient construction plans enabled Mike to expand downstate under the name Ouellet Associates, to meet the growing demand for quality construction services in Southern Maine.

A Family Commitment to Construction Excellence

When Albert retired in 1995, Mike brought the company together and introduced new business technologies that enhanced his father’s original commitment to deliver the greatest efficiency, highest quality, and most personalized approach to every construction job. During that time of growth, brothers Don and Dean became active leaders at Ouellet Associates, and as the business continued to expand, David Lawrence joined, rounding out a multi-talented management team with decades of estimator and project management experience. In 2014, Luke became the newest generation of the Ouellet family to join the business, bringing the latest industry knowledge and insights to the benefit of all projects.

A Trusted Name in Construction in Southern Maine

With the passing of founder and building visionary Albert, the team is now honored to recapture the original namesake of Ouellet Construction. With great gratitude, we keep our humble heritage and strong family values at the forefront of our work and ensure that honesty, integrity, and care continue to reinforce everything we do at Ouellet Construction.