We’re in this business for enduring value and long-term loyalty and we think this goal is actually quite simple to achieve when we stick to our values.

Integrity, consistency, and collaboration form the foundation of our business philosophy that has earned us a rock solid reputation among both clients and subcontractors alike. We’re a bit different than some other commercial contractors out there, and we like it like that. We are confident that we can build better for you.


Our client relationships are just as important as our construction–and we hope they last just as long. That’s why we approach each job with honesty, openness, and good family values. You can ask any of our clients and they will tell you: our plan is our bond and we complete the job as efficiently as it is outlined at the very beginning. There are no surprises, pushed deadlines, or over budgeting in our process–what you see is what you get, and what you get is exceptional. Every time.


With our generational construction knowledge, first-hand industry insights, and professional excellence, we have the best foresight and management to deliver the most consistent construction in the business. Using foresight as our guide, and versatile experts on the ground, our construction is consistent with our bids and plans, and the finished product is consistent with the premium quality we promise.


We approach the commercial construction process like a true partnership and seek to make every step as clear and comfortable as possible for our clients. We listen thoughtfully, ask the right–often difficult–questions, and provide transparency throughout our execution. In addition to our close client relationships, we collaborate with the right parties on the ground, to ensure you can focus on your job while we focus on getting the job done, for you.


“Vigilance in the early stages and quality control throughout will lower operating costs in the long term and provide exponential savings. That is the value that Ouellet brings to the table.”

Bill Dodge, Automobile Dealership Owner, Bill Dodge