We’re driven by what’s best for the project.

As a Maine construction firm, Ouellet Construction appreciates that every job is unique, and our process ensures that we fully understand the challenges and complexities of each job. Taking time to learn the details of each project allows us to consistently deliver the greatest value for every plan.

Our distinct hands-on approach encourages our entire team to work collaboratively towards the common goals of excellence and timely execution. We are dedicated to honoring our client’s preferences throughout the duration of the project. As a result, the experience of working with Ouellet Construction one that is decidedly personalized.

The distinguishing components of our process include:


With great care and consideration going into every job, we are adamant about maintaining a volume of work we that we know we can complete according to our exceptional standards. This might mean occasionally passing up attractive opportunities, but it is a commitment to integrity that we believe serves us all well in the long term.

Early Involvement

We involve all internal and external team members up front, to ensure stakeholders have equal opportunity to: provide resourceful and creative input related to the project’s needs, explore innovative approaches to often sophisticated and complex challenges, and continue to engage hands-on throughout every stage of the job. This early partnership guarantees a job will be completed with the best quality, and most efficient schedule and planning.

Close Collaboration

We believe close partnership is the best way to approach any construction project. We work closely with our clients, architects, engineers, consultants, subcontractors, and suppliers to develop and control processes that are simple, productive, and cost-effective. And, we building lasting relationships along the way, which adds to our growing reputation for honesty, integrity, quality, and consistency.

Thorough Review Process

We thoroughly consider design details, means and methods, and processes and systems, to ensure we clearly understand the design intent and have the information necessary to explore and define the best value for the project.

We know that early discoveries have a meaningful impact on the cost of ownership. By weighing the benefits of short-term savings (materials and installations costs) against lifecycle costs (maintenance and replacement of materials over a building’s life), we can identify opportunities that will save you substantially in the long term.

True Cost Analysis

We pride ourselves on our ability to not only define the “true” costs of any project, but to also keep these costs in line during the duration of the design process. We look beyond the level of detail in provided documents, anticipate what is yet to be designed to complete a project, and understand how to interpret subcontractor inputs to best reflect the “true” cost.  We believe it is our professional responsibility to correctly reflect the cost of a job early on so our clients and design team can maximize the value of the project.   

Established Systems

Our computerized job costing, historic data, and estimating software makes it easy to use consolidated knowledge from all of our projects to reflect current market pricing as we establish competitive schematic budgets, design development estimates, and define the final guaranteed maximum price prior to construction. Our computerized scheduling can also provide guidance in keeping both the planning and construction of the project on track.

Diversified Office and Field Staff

Every team involves a curated group of highly skilled professionals that are familiar with wearing many hats and who are eager to provide equally effective project management and site supervision. We involve all team members early in the planning and estimating process to ensure prior experience is applied to future successes.

Once work is underway, supervisors are all trained and authorized to make on-site decisions based on the client’s best interests, to maximize project momentum, and minimize unnecessary communication delays. Senior partners are involved throughout the entire process of every project to ensure we exceed our highest standards for quality.

Internal Construction Resources

We have the capability to perform concrete and masonry work, structural and miscellaneous steel erection, rough and finish carpentry (including cabinetry), waterproofing, shingle roofing, and window, door, hardware, and building specialties— all with our own team and privately owned equipment. With these skills and equipment on hand, we have greater flexibility for every job as well as the knowledge and experience needed to monitor subcontractor quality when employed.

Despite the advantage of our internal construction resources, we also monitor the economy and the project’s needs closely. If it becomes beneficial to sub-let some of these areas of work, we don’t hesitate to do so.

LEED & Sustainable Design

We are always committed to building with the greatest economical efficiencies and least amount of waste. For interested clients, we are trained in the LEED certification process,and with several large-scale certifications are skilled at building with sustainability in mind. Building “green” presents a variety of benefits to clients and the environment, and we are here to lead you through the process and the possibilities.