Coastal Maine Pediatric Dentistry

The Coastal Maine Pediatric Dentistry project began, like many of our success stories, with a personal recommendation.

When the couple Dr. Emily and Mike Scholl of Coastal Maine Pediatric Dentistry were looking for a completely new build for their growing dental practice, Ouellet Construction became one of five contenders for the business, based on a tip from a local businessman.

Coastal Maine Pediatric Dentistry

And, as the story often continues, it didn’t take long for us to stand out from the pack, bringing our own standards of integrity and collaboration to the process, and making a real connection with the client.

“Before we had the bids back, I wanted to work with Ouellet.The pre-sale process really stood out because I could tell they spent a lot of time reviewing our plans and needs. They met with us several times and offered meaningful and impactful information on how they thought we could make improvements and get the most out of our new building. They were all in right from the beginning.” – Mike Scholl

Coastal Maine Pediatric Dentistry

Although the Scholl’s believed it would be very difficult to build a new facility within their budget that would allow for long-term growth and a “forever home” for Coastal Maine Pediatric Dentistry, the Ouellet Construction team made it happen both under budget and ahead of schedule.

Mike Scholl praised the foresight and planning that we give to every process, “right down to the type of screws in our coat rack and the type of siding that is most effective for our long-term maintenance and costs”.

Coastal Maine Pediatric DentistryWe were grateful when the Scholl’s stopped by to see firsthand that

“the [Coastal Maine Pediatric Dentistry construction] site was always supervised and people were working all the time, which is somewhat rare.”

It’s those comments, and feedback that everyone from vendors to the bank inspector complimented the job site for its cleanliness, organization, and timeliness that keeps us so passionate about what we do!

The benefits of the Coastal Maine Pediatric Dentistry project became much bigger than standard guarantees.

Coastal Maine Pediatric Dentistry has been able to expand the business, moving from 3 to 5 state of the art treatment rooms, with even more capacity to grow.

They currently serve the pediatric dental needs of 4,000 kids, with 40-50 patients a day, but have the capacity to serve 80-90 patients a day.

We’re so proud that the new facility has set the practice up for long-term success, with a comfortable, efficient, and easy to maintain space!