Bill Dodge Hyundai

Bill Dodge Hyundai of Brunswick, Maine renovates their dealership.

Over the last six years, Bill Dodge Auto Group has been renovating and expanding their dealerships, so as to ensure the buildings mirror the company’s drive for excellence and integrity.

On the heels of completing work on their Westbrook dealership, they recently turned attention to the Brunswick location, on the corner of River Road and Pleasant Street.

bill dodge hyundai

“We were just finishing up our last project when this one began,” says John Mallia, CEO of Bill Dodge Auto Group. “It started six months ago, maybe, back when the snow was still flying.”

For any dealership, summer is the most important time of the year, because it’s “the best time to sell a car,” says Mallia. Had Bill Dodge Hyundai been unable to begin major renovations in the dead of winter, their building would still be under construction come summer, which would have hindered their sales. Instead, their Brunswick dealership was in full operation come July 1, 2017.

“We hired Ouellet because they go the length,” adds Mallia. “They worked through the winter. They completely enclosed half of the building so they could remove the front for renovations. It was astonishing to see.”

bill dodge hyundai

As with all Ouellet projects, completing such a renovation was only possible thanks to our network of experts. CWS Architects, located in Scarborough, Maine, played a vital role in designing the renovated Bill Dodge Hyundai. Renovations included updating the showroom, expanding daylight windows, and applying Hyundai brand elements to the exterior.

“It’s such a high visibility area, and we have received a lot of calls from neighbors and local community stating their thanks for such a beautiful building,” says Mallia. “It’s unusual. Out of all our other projects, we have received a total of one or two, but so many are reaching out this time.” Mallia adds, “There’s no doubt, they took an ugly building and made it pretty.”