Promoting From Within (2017).

Ouellet Construction President Mike Ouellet announces two big promotions.

Ouellet Construction Culture: Promoting from WithinThe individuals chosen for these advancements have been loyal employees for many years, and have earned the respect of all the Ouellet associates. But before we talk about these individuals and their new positions, we first wanted to explain the significance of these promotions, as they are about more than just job titles.

A Growing Company – Promoting From Within

The Ouellet team consists of a hard-working, close-knit group, with a high desire to exceed customer expectations. Everyone here consistently goes out of their way to assist other team members whenever possible, and to provide the highest quality of services to our customers. As a result, everyone who works here has the potential to expand and improve their careers as the company grows. In fact, we encourage our employees to do so.  Why? Because we truly want every one of our team members to succeed.

We want our employees to feel empowered and passionate about the work they do. Otherwise, how can we expect their absolute best, day in and day out? We don’t want anyone coming to work just because they have to – we want genuinely want them to enjoy working with us. Happy employees are more productive than unhappy people, and it’s much more pleasant to work with a bunch of smiling people vs. disgruntled employees. Don’t you agree?

The two recently promoted employees are perfect examples of Ouellet’s dedication to promoting from within and inspiring ambition. We anticipate a significant amount of growth this year, and beyond, and we determined that the promotion of two long-time employees was the first step to growing efficiently and productively. Dean Ouellet and David Lawrence have been working together for nearly 20 years, and as we begin to take on additional projects throughout the state of Maine, these guys will help lead the charge.

Meet Dean Ouellet

Ouellet Construction Culture: Promoting from Within

Dean Ouellet, (Mike Ouellet’s younger brother) was promoted to Corporate Vice President and Director of Operations. He’s been called a problem-solver and a straight-shooter, with a knack for helping operations run as smoothly as possible.  His love of the construction business began long ago, and there was never a question about whether he’d join the family business.

Ouellet Construction Culture: Promoting from Within

Dedication and Expertise
He graduated from Northern Maine Technical College with a degree in Residential Construction, and he is also a LEED Green Associate, a credential which identifies individuals who have a documented understanding of the most current green building principles and practices. He has proven his dedication to the industry and the business throughout his career at Ouellet, starting as a job site observer, and working his way up to managing all aspects of the job.

Dean also has more than 25 years of experience in the field, which makes him an invaluable research to both our company and our clients. Those who know him or have worked with him speak very highly of him, both professionally and personally, especially regarding his persistence and his thorough approach to operation management.

Building Partnerships
One of the things we all love about Dean is his ability to form strong relationships with clients. His superior communication skills have helped him to build long-lasting, and productive partnerships with various establishments over the years. For example, Dean has worked closely with Bill Dodge, a Maine auto dealer, for several years. The Bill Dodge BMW Dealership in Westbrook is an example of a very successful project which resulted from this partnership.

Meet David Lawrence

Ouellet Construction Culture: Promoting from Within

David Lawrence, an employee of Ouellet Construction since 2000, was promoted to Corporate Vice President and Director of Construction Management. His interest in construction began at a young age, and he has proven his commitment to Ouellet Construction and our clients time and time again.

Education and Skillset
David holds a degree in Architectural Engineering from the Wentworth Institute of Technology and has developed remarkable analytical skills over the life of his career. He is a natural leader, which has repeatedly been proven through both his work with the architects, as well as in the field. Efficiency is the leading factor in everything David does. He has an intuitive ability to understand even the most complex jobs and to predict potential setbacks and prevent them from slowing down or drawing out a job.

Ouellet Construction Culture: Promoting from WithinFostering Partnerships
One project where David showed exceptional problem solving and analytical skills was for a project for Southern Maine Health Care in Biddeford. The project consisted of an HVAC upgrade to an Operating Room at the facility and the deadline for completion left little to no wiggle room. Because of the importance of this area of the hospital, and its crucial role in day-to-day operations, the deadline was tight, and there was no room for error. Through careful planning and efficient management of time and resources, the project was a success and has led to more than 100 additional projects with SMHC including a state of the art Medical Office Building.

“The addition of Dean and David to the corporate team will ensure we can continue to respond promptly to all our client needs,” said Ouellet Construction’s President, Mike Ouellet. In other words, Ouellet’s goal is to continue to grow the company, while maintaining the quality of service clients have come to expect.
Congratulations, Dean and David!
Meet the whole Ouellet Construction team