The Construction Partner Relationship

A quick look through our website will tell you that a construction partner relationship with Ouellet Construction is par none.

The Construction Partner Relationship

A more in-depth review of our services will reveal that Ouellet takes pride in offering quality services which range from pre-construction to post-construction, assisting clients throughout each project and beyond.

And, though it’s implied in our messaging and throughout our customer testimonials and reviews, we’d like to offer a clearer understanding of what it’s like to work with the Ouellet Construction team as your dedicated business partner.

What to Expect

When you hire the professional team at Ouellet Construction, you can expect the following:

No Surprises.

We understand that no one likes surprises. Communication is a vital aspect of forming a successful business partnership with our clients. Whether it’s an increase in costs, a delay in the timeline, or something else, we believe in telling our clients exactly what’s going on. We do our best to anticipate any challenges or delays that may occur and to come up with strategic plans to avoid any potential issues or setbacks. When unexpected issues do arise, we let our clients know right away, and offer suggested methods for resolution.

The Construction Partner Relationship
“What I appreciate most about working with Ouellet Construction is that there are no surprises. They are great communicators—upfront and direct.” – Patricia Crandlemire Murphy, P.E., Director of Physical Plant, Colby College

Projects that are On Schedule.

Ouellet understands the importance of meeting (or beating) the deadlines that our clients set. We know that it’s important for projects to be completed as quickly as possible, without sacrificing quality, so that our clients can continue with day-to-day operations. Not only can delays be frustrating to our clients, but they can also be quite costly. We work closely with clients to ensure the project keeps moving along, so we can meet deadlines, and stay within (or under) budget.

The Construction Partner Relationship“Ouellet made sure product and equipment were delivered and kept the crews moving in all kinds of weather, designed things if we needed it, had a sense of humor, and stayed cool under pressure. A real gem!”
– Mary-Lou Boucouvalas, Library Director, Graves T. Memorial Library


Projects that are Within Budget.

Just like deadlines, Ouellet understands how crucial it is to complete projects within budget, or under, when possible. Consistent communication, effective project management, and close collaboration with our clients, architects, engineers, consultants, subcontractors, and suppliers help us develop and control processes that are simple, productive, and cost-effective.

The Construction Partner Relationship
“Ouellet Construction keeps their promises, period. They were fair, honest, organized and timely. My project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. I never had to chase them to do anything before, during or post construction…”
– Mike Scholl, Coastal Maine Pediatric Dentistry


Top Quality Services

The Ouellet team is made up of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are dedicated to providing quality services to meet the unique needs of our valued clients. We understand that attention to detail is critical to successfully completing projects that are on-time, within budget, and that meet specific client requirements and expectations. We provide on-going and up-to-date training for our team members so they are able to make the best decisions throughout the project to produce the highest quality services possible.

The Construction Partner Relationship“Mike is very attentive to even the smallest of details. He takes a keen interest in the project, working as a partner with the architect and owner, to provide a level of quality not usually obtained in the construction industry.”
– William S. Gardiner, CFM, Bowdoin College


The ability to think creatively is essential to completing projects that are on-time, within budget, and that solve the many different challenges facing our clients. We understand that the best solution may not be simple or traditional and that we must be flexible in our approach to each project we take on.

Our team is experienced working on many different types of projects for a variety of different organizations, where we’ve had the chance to design and develop many unique alternatives to deliver better results, and/or to provide cost savings to our clients.

The Construction Partner Relationship“Their willingness to offer alternative solutions and suggestions to improve the design or reduce the budget is invaluable.”
– Patricia Whitney, Director of Physical Plant, Colby College
The Construction Partner Relationship“I have had the opportunity to work with these folks on several very large projects. They are extremely professional, well organized and always understand my needs and wants on a project. I would strongly recommend them and look forward to working with them on my next project.”
– John Mallia, CEO, Bill Dodge Auto Group

A Dedicated Business Partner.

When you choose to work with Ouellet Construction, we become more than just a service provider for your business or organization. We aim to become your dedicated business partner – a team you can count on to keep your best interests in mind throughout each stage of the project. Our entire team is committed to finding ways to keep costs down wherever possible, while also maximizing productivity, and delivering quality results that are on-time.

The Construction Partner Relationship“Of all the contractors we spoke with, Ouellet took a proactive approach to making our building design the best it could be; it quickly became a very collaborative relationship. And we love working with a local company; it’s great to feel like the folks building our practice are truly in it with our best interest in mind.”
– Emily Scholl, DMD, Coastal Maine Pediatric Dentistry
The Construction Partner Relationship“With each interaction, SMHC was treated as if we were their only client at the time.”
– Marc Fournier, Vice President, Southern Maine Health Care

Ouellet believes it is our strong dedication to forming honest, long-term, and collaborative business partnerships that set us apart from others in our industry. Find out what it’s like to work with us on your next project.

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