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How to Choose a Commercial Construction Partner

Anyone who has ever been involved in planning, managing, or otherwise participating in a commercial construction project, of any size, knows that the process can be incredibly overwhelming. Knowing where to begin can often be the toughest part. Experience has shown us that the most successful construction projects are often the result of close collaboration between both the customer and the commercial construction service provider. We’ve worked on many projects over the years, and we’d like to share our recipe for success.

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Define Project Goals and Vision

Unfortunately, many companies neglect to define their goals and vision for a project before they choose a commercial construction partner. By explicitly setting your goals, specifications, deadlines, etc. for the plan ahead of time, you can avoid a lot of frustration that comes with wasted time and money.

For example, if you want the project to be within a specific budget and timeframe, you’ll need to define that in the beginning – vs. hallway through the project. Not only will you have a clearer idea of what to expect, but the commercial contractor you work will also have a clearer understanding of your expectations from the beginning.

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Finding The Right Fit For Your Project

In addition to understanding and defining the parameters of your project internally, it’s essential to select a commercial construction provider that will work well with your team. The right business contractor will work with you as more than just a service provider, but as an extension of your team, meaning that their goals align with yours.

Ouellet Construction believes strongly in building long-term partnerships, as feel that this type of working relationship yields the best results. We enjoy getting to know our clients and their business, and we like consistently delivering services that exceed their expectations even more.

If the organization you hire doesn’t feel like a partner, you may want to consider working with one that does. A great commercial construction partner will also:

1. Value Quality Over Quantity

Many commercial construction firms are more focused on getting as many projects as possible, with little regard for the quality of work delivered. At Ouellet Construction, we understand that quality work yields quality results, and we consider that each time we agree to partner with a new commercial construction client.

It’s not in any commercial construction partner’s best interest – or yours – to take on as many clients as possible. The time and effort required to produce exceptional results is enormous. When looking for a commercial construction partner, it’s important to consider their current workload and to determine not only if they can take on your project, but also whether they are committed to continuing to deliver the highest quality of work.

2. Encourage Early Involvement

The commercial construction partner you choose to work with should encourage relevant members of your team to get involved early on in the project. Getting input from key stakeholders will help shape the plan and ensure that essential challenges are addressed and solved along the way.

A commercial construction partner should understand the importance of getting input and suggestions for solutions and improvements to project specifications from various members of their client’s team. They should also want their clients to be satisfied with the results and believe the best way to do that is to get them involved from the beginning.

3. Collaborate Well and Often

There are typically many different teams working together to complete a commercial construction project. The firm you work with should not only work closely with your company but also with other members of the project, such as architects, engineers, consultants, subcontractors, suppliers, etc.

Striving not only to form long-term partnerships with our clients but also with other organizations involved in our projects is another trait to look for in a commercial construction partner.. We find that collaborating and communicating with the various teams involved with a project helps us provide more efficient results, not only for that specific client but also for future clients. All who benefit from the close partnerships we’ve formed with professionals in the industry.

4. Have a Thorough Review Process

In order to deliver the desired project design and purpose, a commercial construction partner must first have a clear understanding of the design intent. An excellent construction firm will take the time necessary to thoroughly review the details and intentions of the project. They will also work to deliver a solution that minimizes the cost of ownership.

5. Provide Accurate Estimates

There’s nothing worse than being surprised by the actual cost of a project upon completion! An excellent commercial construction partner will understand the importance of providing estimates that are as accurate as possible. Accurate estimating requires access to the right technology, experience. It also requires a team with the ability to analyze and interpret all of the standard variables in a commercial construction project.

A qualified commercial construction partner can provide highly accurate estimates if they have computerized job costing and estimating software. The software creates competitive schematic budgets and sets clear maximum pricing before beginning any project. A professional team should excel at anticipating potential additional costs, to provide their clients with the “true” cost of the project.

6. Be Committed to Sustainable Design

Working with a commercial construction partner that understands and values sustainable design is essential for both the environment, as well as your wallet. Not only does it help reduce unnecessary waste, but it also results in higher economic efficiencies overall. Therefore, it’s essential to work with a commercial construction provider that is committed to building sustainably.

The LEED Green Associate credential “designates individuals who have a documented, up-to-date understanding of the most current green building principles and practices.”

At Ouellet Construction, we consider details of each project carefully and deliver the highest quality of services, every time. We understand that, although some design aspects may require a larger upfront investment, the long-term savings over the life of the building will far outweigh the initial costs.

The Ouellet team understands the importance of getting input and suggestions for solutions and improvements to project specifications from various members of our client’s team. We want our clients to be satisfied with the results, and we believe the best way to do that is to get them involved from the beginning.

Ouellet Construction is trained in the LEED certification process and is highly skilled at building with sustainability in mind. If you are interested in ensuring a sustainably constructed project, Ouellet Construction will help you through the process.

Do you want to work with a commercial construction partner that values client relationships as much as the quality of their work?

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