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Minimizing Disruptions During Renovations with STARC Systems

When it comes time for a renovation project, there is often the expectation that chaos and frustration are unavoidable until the project is complete. When you envision what a renovation or addition project might look like while it’s underway, the words “quiet” and “clean” are not likely the first words that come to mind.

It’s more likely that you think of the words “noisy,” “disruptive,” and “debris,” or something along those lines. Construction, by definition, isn’t a clean and simple process. It’s loud, dirty, and rarely a very pretty sight to see.

Ouellet Construction understands how disruptive and inconvenient interior renovation work can be for our clients who are working alongside the construction. We also know that it can be especially problematic for health organizations that must continue to provide a safe and clean environment for their patients throughout the renovation process.

A Cleaner, Quieter, Faster Solution

STARC Systems Panels Brunswick Maine LogoWe want our clients to be as happy as possible with our services, from start to finish, and throughout the project. Therefore, Ouellet invested heavily in STARC Systems panels, a unique and innovative product that minimizes noise and disruption during interior renovation projects.

These temporary mobile walls are designed specifically for interior environments where there is a critical need to minimize noise, debris, and other disruptions during construction. We chose to invest in these walls so our clients can continue to do their jobs as usual while we are performing renovations, without experiencing a significant disturbance.

One of the things that we – and our clients – love most about these temporary panels is that they don’t look temporary at all. They are clean, rigid, and aesthetically pleasing, providing a professional and finished appearance in any environment. Plus, they are easy to assemble and take down – A 50’ wall can be assembled, with corners and a door in under 45 minutes with two people.

A Solution for Sensitive Environments

STARC System panels are especially great for sensitive environments such as active hospitals and other healthcare facilities, as there is no dust or debris created during setup or takedown of the panels. They are constructed with all metal anti-microbial surfaces, which can be easily and quickly cleaned and sanitized. The panels are also designed to support high levels of negative pressure isolation and are ICRA Class IV compliant.

Ouellet’s investment in STARC Systems panels helps our healthcare facility clients to improve patient satisfaction by:

  • Reducing renovation noise by up to 50%
  • Controlling odors from adhesives, paint, dust, etc.
  • Meeting infection control standards
  • Allowing for disruption-free installations
  • Providing a secure construction zone with rigid walls and locking doors
  • Providing a real wall appearance for an aesthetically pleasing look
  • Minimizing complaints from staff and patients

While Ouellet uses these temporary mobile walls primarily in healthcare environments, they can be used in a variety of different commercial construction projects during interior renovations. All types of interior construction projects can benefit from the use of these clean, noise-reducing, odor-eliminating panels.

Why We Chose to Invest in STARC Systems Panels

Ouellet is focused on providing solutions rather just services. STARC Systems panels allow us to provide the perfect solution for clients who need to keep disruptions, noise, and debris to a minimum.

“The temporary mobile wall panels we use to offer an extremely versatile, time-efficient solution when working in sensitive environments.
They are excellent for working in sterile environments such as the OR/ER of an active hospital. They are also very subtle and clean aesthetically.
The healthcare facilities we’ve worked with have repeatedly complimented us on how great they work as a way to create isolation for our work, while also maintaining a clean outside appearance.”
– Luke Ouellet

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