CWS Architects: A Valued Business Partner

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We Value Our Business Partnerships

This time of year makes us think about who we are as a company and the network of business partners we work with. Ouellet recognizes the value of our partnerships and understands that our success is only possible when everyone involved commits to working towards a common goal. We are lucky to have formed many long-lasting and fruitful business partnerships over the years. Ouellet is truly thankful for the talented individuals who have helped bring our projects to life.

CWS Architects

This month, we’d like to highlight one of our longest-standing business partners, CWS Architects. We’ve worked with CWS on numerous projects, each of which has been well-received by our clients. Our teams enjoy working together, and our results are always exemplary.

Who is CWS Architects?

CWS Architects is a privately held, owner-run small business which has built a diverse portfolio of work showcasing their passion and expertise in architecture and design. They provide a broad range of project planning, design, documentation and administrative services.

CWS Team

Although architectural design will always be their foundational service, CWS also offers interior design services. They have spent time growing this part of their business in recent years and will continue expanding in 2019. Their interior design experts allow their architects to put more focus on their design work, resulting in a higher quality product.

A Detailed and Practical-minded Team

The CWS Architects team consists of extremely hard-working and talented individuals. Ouellet Construction has worked closely with Guy T. Labrecque, Jr. AIA, Kevin Morissette AIA, and Rebecca Bagley AIA, during its partnership with the firm. According to Mike Ouellet,

“They are all impeccably detailed and practical-minded designers. We feel privileged to work alongside them. It’s clear the entire CWS family is driven by a passion and love for what they do.”

Rebecca Bagley, AIA, Interior Designer

Ouellet began working with Rebecca while working on a project for Southern Maine Health Care. She was the interior designer on the project. “Rebecca brings a nice upbeat and positive attitude to all projects and is wonderful at what she does,” said Mike Ouellet.

Kevin Morissette, AIA, Architect

Ouellet recently began working with Kevin on several projects where Guy Labrecque was the head architect. “We sincerely enjoy working with Kevin and look forward to working more closely with him on future projects. He is very knowledgeable, and a great asset to the CWS team,” said Mike Ouellet.

Guy T. Labrecque, Jr., AIA, Vice President

Ouellet has worked with Guy since their firms began working together several years ago. “He is extremely professional, always calm, knowledgeable, and always wants to do what is right for the project,” said Mike Ouellet.

“Guy is always willing to learn, remains involved throughout all projects, and applies what he’s learned to future work. He’s fair, honest and very responsive.”

CWS architects

What’s Different About CWS Architects?

According to Vice President, Guy Labrecque, Jr., “CWS offers added value by taking the expertise of the firm and putting right in the lap of the client. Because we are a small firm, the principals are all very hands-on with each project, which means clients are always working with someone with equal experience.” He added,

“We are very detail-oriented; we tend to put together construction documentation that is far more complete than what we see from some of the other firms. ”

A Winning Combination: CWS Architects & Ouellet Construction

Why Ouellet Enjoys Working With CWS Architects

CWS team members

According to Mike Ouellet, “Our firms have complete trust in each other. We have grown to understand what each firm brings to the table to make projects run smoothly.” He added,

“CWS & Ouellet’s philosophies align very closely. We both believe in providing the best value to our clients, building quality and lasting projects, abiding by governing laws and codes, and focusing on what’s best for the project at all times.”

What CWS Enjoys About Working With Ouellet

Guy Labrecque said about working with Ouellet Construction, “We’ve done a lot of healthcare projects together. During the renovation of medical buildings, it’s important to understand that patients are walking around during the construction work. Ouellet understands the nuances and the need for cleanliness. They always determine the most efficient way to work with patients around.” He added,

“When they put their name on something, they stand by it. It’s always a pleasure to work with them.”

Notable Collaborations

Some of the most notable projects Ouellet Construction and CWS Architects have worked on together include:

Day’s Jewelers Topsham

Day's Jewelers Topsham

Southern Maine Health Care

Southern Maine Health Care

Bill Dodge Nissan

Bill dodge Nissan

Bill Dodge BMW

Bill Dodge BMW

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