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A Commitment to Investing in Advanced Technology

Ouellet Construction is committed to delivering accurate cost estimates from day one and delivering services on-time (every time). By ensuring we have access to the latest tools and equipment – both on the job and in the office – we can consistently provide clients with the highest value. Our continued investment in advanced technology helps us to do just that.

We recently made a long-term investment in a project management software platform, called Procore. We first began integrating our projects with the software in March of this year and started using it externally – with clients, general contractors, subcontractors, etc. – in April. After only a few months of using the software, we have already begun to see the impact it has made on productivity companywide.

Procore Project Management Platform


So far, implementing Procore has helped Ouellet continue to:

  • Streamline Project Management

With Procore, it is easy and intuitive to upload the most recent document versions and essential project details. The platform makes it easy to share and access information, so there’s no excuse for not using the latest version of project documents. As a result, our collaboration efforts are more efficient, which means less backtracking due to miscommunication. It also allows us to provide daily project logs/reports for our records, and our clients, upon request.

  • Maintain Documentation Quality Control

The Procore platform helps us to create a single point of contact for the client, subcontractors, and anyone else involved in the project. By storing all documentation in the same location, we can keep drawings and specs consistent and accessible by all, from pre-construction to construction, and all the way to close out.

The platform offers unlimited server space, so we can store all the project documents and photos we want, without worrying about running out of space. And, at the end of the project, we have a complete document package we can provide to the client for their records.

  • Consistently Provide On-Time Services

Our computerized scheduling capabilities, combined with our ability to self-perform work as needed, helps us to keep projects on schedule. Our commitment to delivering on our promises also plays a critical role in our timeliness. Procore makes it even more convenient to track project schedules and coordinate with our subcontractors, so we can continue to deliver on-time services.

Why We Invest in Procore

One of the things we like about Procore as a company is that they are always forward-looking. They are continually improving and optimizing the capabilities of the tool, which allows us, and others in the industry to do things better, faster, and in a more manageable way. Ouellet operates similarly, in that we are always trying to give our clients better value for their dollars. Procore helps us to do that by:

  • Saving Valuable Time

By using Procore for our project management, we cut our time spent setting up projects in half. Utilizing the templates provided, we can easily organize information by project, and within each project in a consistent and timely manner. By minimizing the time spent setting up projects administratively, we can get back to moving the project forward.

  • Providing Stellar Support

It’s also effortless to get support from their customer service department, and for no extra charge. Although they’re a relatively large company, they make it a point to give each client personal attention. Because we’re able to pick up the phone and get assistance quickly and easily, we don’t have to spend time troubleshooting on our own.

  • Enabling High Efficiency

Because of its intuitive setup and flexibility, Procore helps us represent project information more consistently. The tool makes it easy to understand budgets, contracts, and change orders, and makes it convenient to update project information at any time. As a result, we can operate in a more streamlined and highly efficient fashion from start to finish.

Our Subcontractors Love Procore

Our subcontractors love Procore as much, if not more so than we do. Many of the subcontractors we work with are already using Procore, so it is familiar and convenient for them to use. Our subcontractors feel good about working with us, which the project that much more streamlined for the client.

The platform doesn’t require separate logins for different companies. Therefore, subcontractors who are already using Procore can access all of their projects from the same place, regardless of which construction company they hire. It does, however, allow project owners to set up appropriate permissions access, so the right people can access the information they need.

Additional Software Tools We Use

Two additional tools we couldn’t live without are MSDSOnline and Sage Estimating.



As a commercial construction company in Maine, OSHA requires that we keep safety data sheets regularly available for any chemical that is on the job site. We must either post sheets on site or provide access to a database lookup. The MSDSOnline tool allows anyone visiting the job site to access information on any chemical they might need.

The solution provides a single point to store information about chemicals on all project job sites, with the corresponding SDS sheets available at a moment’s notice. The MSDSOnline external database is massive and is always up-to-date. The tool allows us to provide safety information from any location. We also have access to an offline copy of the database for those working in remote areas.

We keep laminated sheets with posted OSHA rules at all of our job sites. These sheets also contain QR codes, which visitors can scan to get instant access to any applicable SDS sheets. There are no login or access codes required.

Sage Estimating

SageSage Estimating is a standard technology tool in the construction industry used for estimating, and we’ve been using it for more than 15 years. It is a powerful tool for true-cost and accurate cost estimating, which allows us to access historical project data and helps us to estimate new projects accurately.

Because we understand how critical it is to provide highly accurate project estimates, we need software that works the way we do. The tool can be configured to be as detailed as you need it to be. It provides granularity around what’s driving the cost of each project so that we can estimate as accurately as possible.

In today’s world of construction, investing in the right technology is critical to successful project management. While we realize that our tools are only as good as the people who use them, they undoubtedly make our jobs a lot easier. And, as a result, we can spend more time finding ways to provide more value to our clients.

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