RSU14 Windham Primary School Updates

Windham Primary School

Ouellet Construction was busy this summer working at the RSU14 Windham Primary School. Luke Ouellet was the project manager, and Alan Nickerson Jr. was the supervisor; they worked closely with Bill Hansen of RSU14 and Chad Reed of CHA Architecture.

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Expanding the Nursing & First Aid Areas

Our work at the RSU14 Windham Primary School occurred over a period of just 9 weeks, during which we performed multiple upgrades to allow the school to provide physical and occupational therapy. The project has doubled the capacity of the nursing and first aid areas, resulting in a larger space which includes a dedicated exam room and a Mother’s Room.

Security Updates

Ouellet performed multiple upgrades to enhance overall internal security for the school, which intentionally provided additional compartmentalization as an added security measure. 

Thank you, RSU14 & CHA Architecture!

Fast-paced summer work can be challenging. We are so thankful for the team at RSU14, and to CHA Architects, for being flexible with us so we could get everything done on time and on budget.

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