Ouellet Expands SMHC In-Patient Pharmacy to Include Compouding Capabilities

Southern Maine Health Care PharmacyOuellet Construction is working on Phase 3 of a 3-phase renovation project for Southern Maine Health Care’s in-patient and retail pharmacies in Biddeford, Maine.

Phase 1: Retail Pharmacy Updates

Phase 1 involved moving several offices and other spaces in order to expand the retail and in-patient pharmacies. The expansion of and updates to the retail pharmacy were made in order to help SMHC better serve out-patients and the general public.

Phase 2: In-Patient Pharmacy Expansion & Cleanrooms

The second phase was focused on expanding the in-patient pharmacy to include new cleanrooms with compounding capabilities. Due to the nature of work being performed in a cleanroom, it had to be designed to maintain extremely low levels of dust, airborne organisms, and/or vaporized particles.

Therefore, new HVAC equipment was installed to meet all current codes with air exchanges, ensure the safety of all employees, and to meet the needs of the cleanrooms. The completed cleanroom at SMHC features proper ventilation to allow for the mixing of compound drugs in a safe and sterile environment. It is now officially rated as an ISO Class 7 cleanroom.

Southern Maine Health Care logoPhase 3 Renovations

Phase 3 involves further renovating the expanded in-patient pharmacy, along with converting the old retail pharmacy into much-needed administrative and office space. We’re looking forward to helping SMHC transition into the new space, which is expected to be completed by the end of December.

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