When Albert Ouellet, a mason by trade, founded Ouellet Construction in 1959, he was determined to build a different kind of company.

Focused on quality and efficiency, even among remote job sites and in the worst of Maine weather, he wanted to build a strong foundation for generations. It’s his enduring legacy that we uphold today.  

Still owned and operated by the Ouellet family, we extend that feeling of family to everyone. From our office staff to subcontractors and clients, we know that without a good team, we couldn’t do anything. Our projects depend on the people who do the work. 

Like our buildings are built for people, they’re also built BY people, and we never forget that. From the moment we opened our doors, Albert Ouellet knew that he wanted to create a different kind of company—one that’s family-owned and that treats everyone like family.

It’s not easy being a small business these days. Things are tough and uncertain, but they always are. We know we can’t offer benefits like a free cafeteria, beer on tap, free scooters, or hammocks and foosball in our office. But we also think we offer things that matter a bit more: a close-knit company, lifelong friendships, and a commitment to you and your family. We put family first at Ouellet.

We think that our team reciprocates this, and we know that if we treat everyone well, we get good, honest, and efficient work. Ouellet cares about our community, and we know our team does as well. It’s not as simple as just having a job—it’s being part of something bigger. That’s who we have on our team, we know that helps us reach higher.

We’re looking for a few new family members to join us. Want to learn more? Check out our Careers Page.