As the weather changes we don’t see any signs of virus transmission slowing down. We’ve taken the opportunity to reassess company-wide safety policies.

With a number of our projects moving indoors, we put some additional procedures into place to protect our employees, subcontractors, and clients. 

Keeping everyone safe is our top priority. And it’s an added benefit that healthy teams keep projects moving without delays—a win-win for everyone.

Of course, at Ouellet, it’s never enough for us to just take something at face value without really diving into research to form our own conclusions. Working with and around COVID-19 is no different. We’ve gathered information and recommendations from OSHA and other overseeing bodies and put together a process that works for us and our team. And thanks to the work that’s been done in the past several months, we have a much clearer understanding of what works and how we can prevent illness. We know it’s easy to put plans on paper, but if they’re expensive and too difficult for the team to follow, there’s just no point.  

What we’re doing

Ouellet’s worked really hard to take a common-sense, boots-on-the-ground approach that meets or exceeds the guidelines. Here’s what we’ve set up in our onsite, COVID-19 check-in stations:

  • Hands-free thermometer 
  • Outbreak tracing log book for all employees, sub-contractors, clients, and site visitors
  • PPE supplies 
  • Cleaning supplies 

We see excellent compliance with the check-in stations—even with site visitors who check their temperatures and sign in without prompting. We know that without adherence, the procedures don’t matter and worst of all, they don’t protect us. If we need to, we’ll evolve our process, but at the moment it seems to be meeting our needs.

Like many parts of the construction process, we found the Ouellet Construction way to solve this specific problem in a manner that is affordable, realistic, and repeatable. We know this isn’t the last time we’ll have to be proactive and thorough in our solving of a new problem. But we know we’re ready for whatever comes our way—whether it is another contagious virus or something a little more in our wheelhouse.