A Year Long Delay Comes to a Close

After a year-long delay, a Waterville dental practice broke ground, kicking off the first new construction in the 285-acre commerce and technology area at FirstPark in Oakland.  Ouellet Construction was there to lead the charge. 

Ouellet has been working with Anna O’Keefe, owner of Anna O’Keefe Dental, on the design and construction of the state-of-the-art 5,200-square-foot space that will be designed to protect both staff and patients from airborne viruses. There will be ventilation equipment that will raise the number of hourly air changes and provide better filtration of recirculated air.

Even with the year-long delay, the project is estimated to be completed the fall. Click here to read more about this project and what else FirstPark in Oakland has planned for the space.

Steve Monsulick, FirstPark President; Michelle Flewelling, FirstPark Plan Review Committee Chair; Jim Dinkle, FirstPark Executive Director; Anna O’Keefe; Brendan O’Keefe, O’Keefe Dental Practice Business Manager; Mike Ouellet, President of Ouellet Construction.