In all areas, Ouellet looks to our company values to guide us. We work hard to be sure that we do everything with integrity, consistency, and collaboration.

From our office staff to those onsite, to our subcontractor relationships and the bond we build with our clients, these three values hold the keys to success. We also believe in treating everyone like family, and that family comes first at Ouellet.

Family founded and led for over 60 years, Ouellet knows what it takes to build lasting bonds within our team and throughout the community. These days, it seems like everything is fast and easy—the click of a button, a voice command to your phone. We love those conveniences (especially the ones that make our jobs easier), but we also know there are no shortcuts to building a deep-rooted, community-based business.

Relationships are built on integrity and trust. To us, treating everyone like family means that we also build those relationships by practicing integrity and earning trust. We know that no matter the relationship, it takes nurturing and conscious effort. So when we say we treat people like family, that means we value those relationships and are willing to put in the work to keep them strong.

We focus on lasting relationships because we want Ouellet to last for another 60 years and beyond. Our family and our team continue to invest in our Maine community and in the business we’ve built. With onsite work experience for generations to come, including an internship program, we are thinking ahead to who will lead and grow Ouellet far into the future.

When we say we build at Ouellet, we mean much more than commercial construction. We’re building a community, a business, and a family. Thank you for the past 60+ years, we’re just getting started.

We’re committed to getting our community back to work and we’re looking for a few new family members to join us. Want to learn more? Check out our Careers Page.

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