Unitil - Northern Utilities

Client Testimonial

“Mike and Luke come to the table with solutions and don’t hesitate to ask questions. They have our best interests in mind because they build with longevity in mind.”

Jacquie Agel, Unitil

With Unitil’s Maine natural gas distribution business expanding, the utility’s operations center on Forest Avenue no longer met its needs.
In 2014 Unitil purchased a building on Riverside Industrial Parkway with an eye toward improvements and expansion this year. The project scope included a full interior refresh of the existing 60,000-square-foot building, plus 5,000 square feet of new office space, and the installation of a new, natural gas back-up generator.
The project team’s leads included longtime Ouellet collaborator, Guy Labrecque of CWS Architects, Roland Martin of Martin Construction Advisors, and Jacquie Agel of Unitil. Ouellet’s attention to detail and thoroughness throughout the RFP process earned them the job, and their proactive work ethic earned them the respect of the owner’s construction advisor Roland Martin.