Animal Welfare Society Addition & Renovation

Client Testimonial

“We were open during construction, making it a challenging environment with barking dogs. They were very cognizant of that and even bought pizza for the whole staff to enjoy. ”

Abigail Smith, Executive Director, Animal Welfare Society

In the fall of 2016, Animal Welfare Society (AWS) of West Kennebunk, ME, came to Ouellet Construction in need of major renovations and a multi-phase addition to their existing facility, which operates as a No Kill* animal shelter and adoption center.

In addition to being home to many animals in need, the facility is also a hub for a staff of 42 and more than 150 volunteers. Therefore, it was imperative that the facility remained functional and active throughout the project.

Along with the addition and renovations, a new access road into the site was also built.

*AWS defines a No Kill shelter as an animal shelter that does not kill healthy or treatable animals regardless of space or length of stay. As an adoption guarantee organization, we reserve euthanasia only for unhealthy animals that are terminally ill and cannot be treated or those with behavior that is dangerous to public safety.