Bessey Commons Apartment Community

Client Testimonial

“Beyond a spectacular outcome, it's always a pleasure to work with a top-notch team and Ouellet was exceptional on both new and historic levels.”

Norm F., Norm F., Maine State Housing Authority, Housing Initiatives of New England

With housing for seniors in high demand, Bessey Commons Apartment Community needed their complex to meet the demand by adding a new energy-efficient housing complex. Ouellet Construction partnered with the Housing Initiatives of New England (HINEC) to complete this high-quality and functional housing project in time.

Solar power and spray foam insulation were just the beginning; the panelized building became a unique project for Ouellet Construction. This project centered around repeatable execution by perfecting the initial model. David Lawrence and Dean Ouellet’s combined expertise in communal housing provided immense value by making the complex project as efficient as possible.

Even while working amidst the pandemic, never having worked on a panelized building project before, and being unable to hire a framing contractor due to labor shortages, Ouellet overcame these challenges. The project stayed on track without delay, and the team stepped up and utilized their labor force to frame the project together, clearly displaying the spirit and ingenuity of Ouellet Construction.

I want to extend my sincere appreciation for the incredible efforts that were a steady part of the Bessey project. Beyond the outcome being spectacular, it’s always a pleasure when you’re working with a top-notch team and this one was exceptional on both new and historic levels. The Ouellet name will certainly be shared with anyone who’ll listen, and I hope to have the pleasure to work with them again. Organization and quality are unmatched by anyone.  George, Bill, and Cyndy, all brought a continuous level of diligence and professionalism that made working with them satisfying. My job has always been easy with them at the helm and I appreciate that they asked to have me on their projects.

I look forward to crossing paths where we can and wishing Ouellet Construction all the best in whatever adventures await.

─ Norm F., Maine State Housing Authority