Howard & Stowe Halls

Client Testimonial

“Mike Ouellet is very attentive to even the smallest of details to provide a level of quality not usually obtained in the construction industry.”

William S. Gardiner, CFM, Bowdoin College

Howard and Stowe Halls at Bowdoin College: This is the project on which Ouellet’s collaborative management style was forged.
Meeting with the architect and the engineering team before the pen hit the paper allowed our team to capture the design intention and provide a true cost, as well as valuable insights on constructibility as the design progressed.

The two residence halls were constructed with masonry bearing walls, pre-cast plank and brick veneer. Each building houses 100 students. Ouellet constructed a temporary shelter around the buildings so that construction could proceed unabated through the winter. The project was completed one month early with no change orders.