McLellan Building

Client Testimonial

“Mike Ouellet is very attentive to even the smallest of details to provide a level of quality not usually obtained in the construction industry.”

William S. Gardiner, CFM, Bowdoin College

The McLellan Building at Bowdoin College: This three-story, multi-purpose building is home to Bowdoin College offices, conference rooms, computer training labs, art studios, photographic darkrooms and storage space. The building is fully air-conditioned and features high-efficiency windows throughout.

Challenges to construction included the presence of coal ash on the site, leftover from the days of steam locomotives. The team had to encapsulate the ash before construction could begin. Then, steel piles had to be driven into bedrock to support a foundation that included 118,000 pounds of steel reinforcement to ensure structural integrity.

Set in a predominantly residential neighborhood, the shingle and clapboard building, with its intricate window trim, blends in well with its surroundings.