ecomaine Industrial Wash Bay

For a large-scale industrial car wash bay, ecomaine required a tailored design to meet specific criteria and unique needs. Ouellet rose to the occasion for a project with an uncommon set of elements than any other typical project.

This facility is a functional space, housing powerful and specialized washing equipment. The design and construction ensure that the washing equipment has a supportive and accurate infrastructure to allow the equipment to be used effectively. This structure is unique in that there’s more moisture inside of the building than outside – a simple concept that posed complexities in the execution.

Project Highlights

Key Features

Every piece of material in this structure is highly durable and water-tight from both sides. The right materials keep water from entering the cavity between the exterior and interior of the building, preventing mold, condensation, expansion, and contraction.

Within the Walls

The entire inside of the building is covered with a PVC liner panel to ensure it keeps water from infiltrating the walls, even with a high-pressure water hose. The building also includes high-speed, large-scale Rytec fabric overhead doors that open or close in three seconds for efficiency.


Preparedness in Mind

Ouellet is experienced and highly critical in the overall design and building of the project from a failure, maintenance, and susceptibility perspective. Ouellet’s impeccable attention to detail created a highly energy-efficient structure— a building designed for the long term that’s easy to service and maintain.


A new permitting process with the City of South Portland arose during the time of this project. Adjustments were met with support, and the quality of work remained the top priority for Ouellet throughout the entire process.


The exterior is a concrete masonry unit block structure, and Foreman Don Ouellet is a Master Mason who offered a unique perspective on the construction of the facility which aided in greater consistency and fewer modifications. The entire structure of the building (roof, wall, and foundation) was designed to create a highly durable and top-quality product with minimal impact on cost.