Grammy Rose Dog Rescue & Sanctuary

Ouellet rose to the task of constructing Grammy Rose Dog Rescue & Sanctuary (Grammy Rose), a one-of-a-kind pet adoption campus including a large adoption center, residential canine cabins, mini golf, an ice cream recreational area, and walking trails.

Resulting from this unique mix of elements is a campus that achieves the client’s vision – to create a homelike setting for adoptable dogs – exceptionally well.



From the very start, it was critical that Ouellet clarify the overall themes and priorities as well as the client’s main objective. We worked hard to ensure consistency throughout the campus while making tough yet logical decisions in our client’s best interest. Our recommendation to extend the project timeline due to industry conditions more than paid for itself in the final result.

Owner’s Representative Services

As Owner’s Representative and President of Ouellet Construction, Mike Ouellet utilized his vast construction experience to effectively translate the owner’s intent throughout the entire construction process. Additionally, he was able to calm the client’s concern over price fluctuations during a volatile lumber market and continual supply chain delays. His expertise was key to the overall success of the Grammy Rose project.

Project Highlights

Adoption Center

The main building of this peaceful sanctuary is a large adoption center. It houses offices, full support space for the staff, and a beautiful private meet-and-greet area for prospective adopters.


Another main feature of the campus consists of six residential canine cabins. Instead of caring for the pets in traditional kennels, every dog at Grammy Rose enjoys a high-end log cabin home to share with up to six dogs at a time. Each cabin has all the necessary elements to provide the highest quality of care including medical attention, food, and water. Every aspect is designed to allow the dogs to roam as freely as possible. This creates a much more positive, calming, and comfortable environment.

Mini Golf

The third main element of Grammy Rose is a state-of-the-art recreation area called Wicky Ralph’s Ice Cream & Mini Golf. The mini golf course features a pet adoption theme. It is a must-see attraction if you are in the Acton area and is open for the public to enjoy.

Special Thanks

Ouellet would like to give a big thank you to:

  • Glen and Linda Grigerek at Grammy Rose
  • Scott Mcleod at Ash Cove Construction
  • Tod Thornton at Castle Golf
  • Digital Quill Studio