Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Client Testimonial

“Their knowledge going into construction was the recipe for a successful project. They made sure they understood what we, the customer, wanted and in turn taught us to be good construction customers.”

Alan Lishness, Chief Innovation Officer, Gulf of Maine

This three story building represents a new genre in hybrid marine facilities, enclosing office and common space, a research laboratory, and an interactive learning center. The challenge: build a facility to accommodate every innovation.

The building is set on steel pilings and the mass is enhanced through extra-thick concrete slabs and a heavier steel structure, to absorb even the most infinitesimal vibrations that might impact work in the research lab. The laboratory itself was designed to provide maximum flexibility to accommodate a wide range of research projects.

The unique design features a glass wall—an invitation to both passersby and local fishermen to meet over an area of common interest: the Gulf of Maine.

The Sam L. Cohen Center for Interactive Learning provides an opportunity for Maine middle school students to learn about marine ecosystems and marine science as a potential career path. The center offers a unique, state-of-the-art educational experience through interactive learning, including pre- and post-visit online classroom activities and personalized student websites.