Louis T. Graves Memorial Library Mothers Wing Addition

Client Testimonial

“What did they do well? They cared! Ouellet made sure that we had a new wing to be proud of.”

Mary-Lou Boucouvalas, Library Director, Louis T. Graves Memorial Library

With the support of the local community, as well as former First Lady Laura Bush, the Graves Library $1 Million Capital Campaign was launched to expand and update the century-old library. While the construction began with the demolition of the Perkins House in December of 2016, the project officially kicked off in January of 2017 and was completed in October of 2017.

Ouellet Construction was hired in conjunction with Harvey Wells Architects to complete the addition of the Mothers Wing and renovations, with a goal of increasing the amount of space available for collections and other programs, enhancing handicapped access, and much more. Considerable care was taken during all aspects of construction to preserve the style and character of the original building, while also updating and expanding the facility to better meet the needs of the community.

The long-awaited construction of the historic Louis T. Graves Memorial Public Library