Midcoast Humane Animal Sheltering Facility

By consolidating three former locations into one animal sheltering facility, Ouellet Construction helped Midcoast Humane establish a single place to call home.

Amongst many improvements, Midcoast Humane’s new state-of-the-art facility is easier to maintain. This ultimately creates a better quality of life for animals awaiting adoption.

Project Highlights

Key Features

The animal sheltering facility is divided into three areas:

  • An area for rescued animals to receive high-quality care
  • 8,000 square feet of highly functional office space
  • 4,000 square feet of fenced-in outdoor space

The entire building is highly durable and designed to require low maintenance. Additionally, the outdoor space allows the animals to move in and out of the building safely.

HVAC Renovation

The existing building underwent its first comprehensive renovation when Ouellet began construction. It was critical that we constructed a space to support an HVAC system capable of exchanging the increased airflow required for a veterinary facility.

To do so, we reinforced the structural mezzanines with steel to accommodate a high-grade HVAC system. We also opened up the roof to drop the new equipment in from above. Then, we re-ducted the entire space. The resulting HVAC renovation is similar to systems used in high-end medical facilities.


Respecting Intent

Midway through the construction process, Midcoast Humane decided to take an elevated look at their design and reconsider how the space would function from both human and animal perspectives. During this process, we chose to slow down construction. This gave our client the space they needed to reevaluate their facility’s intent. In the end, we delivered exactly on the client’s intent.

Fostering Confidence

As a non-profit, Midcoast Humane was actively seeking donations to support the construction of its new facility. Amid a challenging market, we used our budgeting expertise to mitigate as much risk as possible. Doing so resulted in a sense of confidence within the client to know there was not going to be dramatic cost escalation.

HVAC Installation

In the past, Ouellet has installed significant healthcare HVAC systems for clients such as Southern Maine Health Center. We utilized this expertise to construct the veterinary rooms of Midcoast Humane’s animal sheltering facility. This tailored attention to detail included ensuring clearances were correct, designing a system that requires low maintenance, and being thoughtful during the design process to optimize airflow.


Join Midcoast Humane in their mission to provide care and second chances to nearly 3,500 homeless and abandoned animals every year. Donate here.