Neurology Suite & Urology Suite

The Mid Coast Medical Group works hard to attract top quality primary care and specialist physicians to the region. So what better way to grow the neurology and urology practices than with brand new office suites?
Ouellet Construction began a triathlon fit-out at 81 Medical Center Drive with a neurology suite for the Mid Coast practice. The 3,200 square foot renovation included physician offices, examination rooms, nurses’ station and laboratory.
Construction was happening directly above the Maine Center for Cancer Medicine, so meeting the deadline required exacting coordination. Normally, the team would have worked after hours to accommodate the tenants below, but the same building houses a sleep lab. So the coring of holes in concrete and other potentially disruptive work was left to the weekends.
Patients and staff arriving Monday morning carried on as if nothing had ever happened.
Once the neurology suite was completed, the Ouellet team had two weeks to renovate an office and examination rooms for the podiatry practice of Angela Perron, DPM, PA.
The final phase of the fit-out was a 2,400 square foot urology suite, again for the Mid Coast Medical Group. This project also had a tight, ten-week construction schedule, which Ouellet again completed in nine.