UNE East & West Residence Halls

The UNE East & West Residence Halls project began on a fast track and then accelerated, representing a model partnership between the owner, architect and Ouellet Construction.

The team was selected at the end of February to design and build a 200-bed dormitory with a wood-clad exterior. One month later the scope of the project increased to a 310-bed dorm with masonry exterior—condensing the pre-construction phase even further. The project also included a campus-wide utility infrastructure upgrade: water, gas, sewer, electrical and communication systems.

We broke ground in July and by working with extreme efficiency completed the project in 11 months—six months ahead of schedule with no change orders.

The suite-style design features four single bedrooms and two bathrooms around a common living room and kitchenette. All rooms are air-conditioned, to accommodate summer conference attendees.