Nick Poland

Project Superintendent, Ouellet Construction
Nick Poland is a seasoned construction professional with several years of experience in the industry. His journey with Ouellet Construction began as an intern when he was eighteen.

Nick gained valuable experience working on large projects during the summer and assisting with foundation work during the winter. After earning a degree in Construction Engineering from the University of Maine, Nick worked as an assistant superintendent with Dean Ouellet, where he far exceeded expectations and assisted with the final stages of various projects.

With his wealth of experience and passion for the industry, Nick’s first project as a Superintendent was the FMI Abram project, a challenging project with multiple funding sources and very stringent specs to meet Department of Defense standards. Despite challenges, Nick excels in coordinating teams to ensure work is completed to the highest possible standards. He quickly earned a reputation as the go-to person on-site, who could find accurate answers and valuable information that made the project flow smoothly. Nick is an avid drag and circle track racer who enjoys hunting, hiking, and snowmobiling outside work. His experience and passion make him an invaluable asset to the Ouellet Construction team.

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