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Subcontractor Business Partner Highlight: Johnson & Jordan, Inc.

In the past, we’ve talked about a few of our architect business partnerships and the value of those relationships we’ve built over the years. This month, we’d like to highlight one of our valued subcontractor business partnerships with Johnson & Jordan, Inc. We’ve worked with them on projects of all sizes and types, and our relationship is mutually beneficial in countless ways.

One thing we consistently look for in a business partner is that their values are aligned with ours. Johnson & Jordan honors many of the same values as Ouellet Construction, such as their commitment to understanding our customers and exceeding their expectations, and forming solid, long lasting, & mutually beneficial relationships. This common thread has undoubtedly contributed to the success of our long-term partnership.

About Johnson & Jordan, Inc.

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Johnson & Jordan, Inc. is a leading mechanical contractor serving clients throughout Maine and New Hampshire. They are an employee-owned company operating with a team of 200 loyal, committed employees with a strong passion for the work they do and the success of the company. Their specialties lie in commercial, hospital, and educational work. However, they also have experience working in fabrication, water treatment, and research facilities.

Johnson & Jordan invests in an accredited & VA-approved employee training & education program. This enables them to maintain a workforce that is highly skilled and exceptionally qualified for each project they take on. It also allows clients to rest assured they will receive the highest quality installation from a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals – every time.

A Value-Driven Company

One of the many things we like about working with Johnson & Jordan is their dedication to consistently providing the highest quality service, design, installation, and support. This dedication is shown not just upon delivery of the initial project services, but throughout the lifetime of the facility. They not only seek to solve important facility challenges for their clients but also to exceed their expectations. We are repeatedly impressed with their commitment to delivering top-notch services, backed by ongoing support.

Like Ouellet Construction, Johnson & Jordan is also committed to forming and maintaining solid, long lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships with clients and business partners alike. Additionally, they have an unwavering commitment to understanding their customers so they can provide the best solutions to their facility needs. This value-driven mindset is undoubtedly a factor in their continued growth, success, and reputation as a trusted mechanical contactor among their peers.

Investing in Advanced Technology

Johnson & Jordan Inc. is primarily focused on healthcare and higher education, as well as design-build / design-assist negotiated projects. In order to provide the best services in these sectors, the company invests in advanced technology at every turn. They are a leader in the area in Building Information Modeling (BIM), Fabrication, and point locating technologies, which has contributed to their consistent growth.

Working with Ouellet Construction

Johnson & Jordan has seen our company grow and thrive through varying economic conditions and across a broad range of projects. This has enabled them to offer a unique perspective on what it’s truly like, as a subcontractor, to work with Ouellet Construction.

Projects We’ve Partnered On

Automotive Facility Bill Dodge

The list of projects we’ve worked on with Johnson & Jordan goes back about 28 years, so we won’t list them all. Two of our more recent collaborations include the Bill Dodge BMW and Infiniti facilities.

Current Projects Include:

How Ouellet Construction Sets Subcontractors Up for Success

When asked what Ouellet Construction does differently than others in the industry, Vice President at Johnson & Jordan Inc., Chris Jordan said,

“They are top of the line on communication, planning, and leadership.”

While Johnson & Jordan, Inc. doesn’t require supervision to complete their piece of the project, Jordan said that Ouellet’s exceptional communication and leadership skills make their job much easier.

“We thrive on good leadership and organization from the general contractor,” said Jordan.

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Just as Ouellet Construction seeks out business partners with similar values and visions, Johnson & Jordan, Inc. thrives by working with general contractors that set them up for success. Chris Jordan said Ouellet helps them deliver the best results possible because,

“We all have the same common goal – to do the best possible job for the customer and deliver the best value we can provide.”

Jordan added, “Working with Ouellet is a partnership, where the bigger long-term picture is always the focus.”

Ouellet Construction expects most skilled subcontractors would thrive under optimal conditions, and we work hard to make it as easy as possible for them to succeed. As Jordan said, at the end of the day we all want to meet – and exceed wherever possible – the customers’ expectations, by delivering the highest quality and most valuable solutions to their needs.

Are you looking to work with a commercial construction contractor who keeps your needs top of mind? Contact Ouellet Construction today to find out how we can help make your next project a success.