Cheryl’s professionalism leaves an impact on the entire Ouellet team. 

In July, we said thank you and farewell to our incredible Accounting Assistant, Cheryl. In her seven years at Ouellet, Cheryl has managed our essential behind-the-scenes business and office needs. At Ouellet, it doesn’t matter what role you play in the company. Together, we all play an important part in our success.


As Accounting Assistant, Cheryl has often been our first impression to potential clients. At first glance, this may seem to be a minor detail. However, her professionalism often made all the difference with prospective clients. 

When Mike Ouellet, President of Ouellet Construction, recently asked a client why he had chosen to work with Ouellet, the client responded,

“Well, this may sound a little strange, but the person that answered the phone was extremely polite and helpful. When told you were not available, she took my information and promised she would get in touch with you as soon as she could. 

She obviously meant what she said and you returned my call within the hour. This showed professionalism and spoke highly of your organization as few people now truly do what they say they will do.”  

This is just one of many instances where Cheryl’s first impression made Ouellet stand out from the crowd.

Leaving an Impact

The impact Cheryl leaves wherever she goes is a testament to who she is. Mike Ouellet used many words to define her impeccable character,

“Cheryl is polite, cordial, always willing to help, loyal, dependable, concise, detailed, and considerate to colleagues.”

Project Manager Luke Ouellet describes Cheryl this way,

“Cheryl has been consistently professional. She has been a positive voice and face of what Ouellet has been and an integral part of getting our foot in the door with several clients. She has made an impact more than she even realizes. We will feel her absence.”

Throughout the years, Cheryl has genuinely cared about Ouellet’s success. Even in preparing for her retirement, she went above and beyond to develop a detailed database documenting her responsibilities. This will benefit whoever joins our team as our first-ever office manager. 

Her work ethic, willingness to help, dependability, and attention to detail has left us in a better place. 

Thank You

Cheryl, thank you for being such an integral part of the Ouellet family. We are grateful for all of your dedication and hard work these last seven years. While we miss you, we wish you the best. May you enjoy your new season of retirement!