Alan Nickerson, Jr. thought he didn’t want to be a carpenter.

“My father is a carpenter and I tried not to be. So I did a lot of jobs only to find out it was the only thing I liked.” And we’re glad he did.

This is Alan’s story. 


Growing up as a self-declared “army brat,” Alan was accustomed to moving around. In middle school, his family settled down in Auburn and he has been a Mainer ever since. 

Alan’s first paying job in construction was as a carpenter’s helper. The next twenty-five years of his career were mostly spent in residential construction as a carpenter. He developed expert skills as a supervisor and preferred subcontractor during that time.

Working With Ouellet Construction

In 2009, Alan switched to commercial construction and joined the Ouellet family. Within two years, he was promoted from Carpenter to Project Superintendent. 

Mike Ouellet, President of Ouellet Construction, has been privileged to see Alan’s growth over the years.

“When Al joined the firm, he had a vast knowledge of residential wood frame experience but limited commercial construction. Regardless of this, he was determined as much then as he is now to become the top supervisor at Ouellet. Over the years, he’s remained laser-focused on this goal and it has been a rewarding experience for me to watch his professional growth.”

Alan’s exceptional people skills, quick problem-solving abilities, and broad range of knowledge enable him to lead in multiple positions and tackle projects of varying complexities with ease.


Dean Ouellet, Vice President/Director of Operations, describes Alan as invaluable because of his dependability and impeccable work ethic.

“Alan understands what it takes to manage a project while simultaneously managing a crew. Not an easy task. He has proven he can do this and keep crews safe and productive while maintaining our high standard of quality on every project he’s completed.
I most appreciate his ‘can do’ attitude and desire to be given more and more responsibility. He understands if his subcontractors succeed, so will he. He has all the ingredients you can wish for in an employee and continues to impress me on every project.”   

Luke Ouellet, Project Manager, echoes Dean’s praises.

“You never hear issues from Al’s projects because he solves problems by communicating clearly with his team and presenting creative solutions. He’s the most ideal employee in that sense – extremely trustworthy. If we could clone Al, we would.”

Mike Ouellet emphatically agrees.

“He’s a tremendous asset to us all. I wish we could clone him! Of Alan’s many strengths, I most appreciate his dedication, loyalty, and attention to detail. I am extremely proud of his accomplishments and honored to have him represent the values we all cherish here at Ouellet.” 

Thank You, Alan

Alan says it best when he advises, “Work hard and strive for better. People will notice.” You have done just that, Alan. And we’ve noticed. We cannot thank you enough for your incredible dedication to your work at Ouellet. 

Al, thank you for all you do. It is deeply appreciated. You make us, us.

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