Independence Association: Adult Day Care Center Renovations in Brunswick, Maine

Client Testimonial

“I firmly believe Ouellet Construction has more experience building for people with developmental disabilities than any other construction firm in the Midcoast and northern Portland area.”

Ray Nagel, Executive Director, Independence Association

Ouellet Construction worked with CWS Architects, Johnson & Jordan, Inc., and Enterprise Electric, Inc. to renovate Independence Association’s adult day care center. The fully updated building, located at 3 Industrial Way in Brunswick, Maine, serves as the central hub for all of the organization’s office staff. It also provides a spacious, compliant, and uplifting space for Maine’s adult day care clients to enjoy.

Significant improvements were made to the mechanical systems at Independence Association’s adult day care center in Brunswick, to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all. Particular care was taken to ensure the updated mechanical systems were as quiet and efficient as possible. Materials selected for the facility’s interior design are purposefully aesthetically pleasing and calming, as well as durable and easy to maintain.

Johnson & Jordan, Inc. provided an HVAC solution which resulted in optimal conditions for staff and clients taking part in the array of activities offered in the facility. CWS Architects chose highly durable materials for the areas of the building, specially designed for adult day care activities. Enterprise Electric, Inc. also assisted in providing electrical design-build services for the project.

Ouellet installed Kinetex non-slip flooring to ensure safety and allow for simple care and cleanup. Additionally, we used Inpro wall protection as a cost-efficient solution for protecting and extending the life of the facility’s walls and corners. In the office area on the second floor, we opted to install Solatube technology, which allows for natural daylight as an alternative to fluorescent lighting.

On the exterior, the most noticeable addition was the construction of a 20 x 40′ canopy area at the main entrance of the building. This area enables clients to be safely be picked up and dropped off throughout the day, offering protection from van traffic and inclement weather.

The Independence Association renovations began in December of 2018 and were completed the third week of June 2019.