Saint John's Community Center in Brunswick

Client Testimonial

“Everyone involved at All Saints Parish is very pleased with the leadership, attention to detail, quality control, and professionalism that Ouellet has shown throughout the project.”

Peggy Keegan, Volunteer Construction Project Manager, All Saints Parish

The Diocese of Portland chose Ouellet Construction as its general commercial contractor to build the Saint John’s Community Center – a multipurpose event center set on the campus of St. John the Baptist Church and St. John’s Catholic School in Brunswick, Maine.

Plans to build the community center began back in the Spring of 2016, as the need for the center became imminent. In late Fall, 2017, Ouellet officially broke ground on the new building.

The new multipurpose facility is 15,000 square feet and includes a large open space that serves as an auditorium, gymnasium, and cafeteria. The facility also includes a kitchen, a stage, a music room, a meeting room, an adoration chapel, and many other amenities.

Project Highlights

Weather Challenges

Sheltering the concrete from the weather was necessary due to the time of year (winter). It was crucial to keep the concrete above freezing during frigid temps.

Structural Aspects

The project required structure load-bearing masonry towers, which we constructed ahead of the structural steel.

Safety Protocols

We built the towers in staggered pairs, with two of the towers constructed at any given time. To do this successfully and avoid disaster required specific and high-quality equipment, careful coordination, in-depth expertise, and strict adherence to safety protocols.

Gymnasium Specifications

The building was designed for a variety of purposes, including functioning as a gymnasium. Achieving floor flatness was crucial for this function. We used laser screen technology to accomplish floor leveling to avoid excessive pouring and minimize the chances of the floor not being level.

Stage Requirements

The building was also designed to act as a “Gymnatorium.” In addition to there being a flat section for exercise activities, we also built a stage section, which called for specific types of lighting and sound requirements.

Stone Exterior

The building features a full stone exterior, constructed using a traditional building method while integrating it with modern construction methods. The majority of the building is skinned with natural 4 to 6-inch thick granite blocks, serving as an ode to the 130-year-old St. John’s Catholic School, which sits a mere 200 feet away.

Project Design Team

Scott Simon’s Architects (Portland), Sitelines PA (Brunswick), and Bennett Engineering (Freeport).

Additional Partner Vendors

Nate Libby’s Masonry, Inc. (Biddeford), Novel Iron Works (Greenland, NH), and Ray Labbe & Sons (Brunswick).