2018: Focusing on Relationships

Projects and Partnerships

Last year was one of building stronger relationships and exploring the depths of our skills as a firm. We worked on some exceptional projects with some amazing people. Each project’s success was undoubtedly a result of our collaborations with the valued partner relationships we’ve formed over the years.

2018’s work ranged from multipurpose event and educational facilities to retail and healthcare institutions to retirement facilities, and more. Each project had a unique set of specifications, goals, and challenges, making it all that much more rewarding to see them through to fruition.

2018 Projects & Partners

When it comes to showcasing our work, many of our larger projects tend to take the spotlight. However, we think it’s also important to talk about some of the smaller projects we’re involved with on a day-to-day basis. We want you to get an idea of the clients and industries we serve, as well as the variety of project services we provide.

Here are some of the clients we served and the partners we collaborated with in 2018:

southern maine health care

Southern Maine Health Care – Sanford, Biddeford, & Kennebunk, Maine

We completed over 30 capital projects for Southern Maine Health Care in 2018. Though each project cost may have been a fraction of our larger ones, the impact of these projects combined is significant.

Each project cost ranged between $25-$400k, with work completed on various campuses throughout Maine. Five examples of such projects performed for Southern Maine Health Care include:

Goodall Family Medicine Renovations: Sanford
Ouellet worked with SMRT Architects to renovate the maternity exam rooms on the SMHC Sanford campus. We expanded the family medicine practice with the addition of new exams rooms and additional support spaces to add two new doctors.

Renovations to Maternity Wing: Biddeford
Ouellet worked with SMRT Architects to renovate the maternity wing on the SMHC Biddeford campus. We created two exam rooms and support areas within the maternity wing, providing patients with access to their doctors while the doctors are on site at the hospital.

10 Wellspring Renovations: Biddeford
Ouellet worked with SMRT Architects to renovate the WorkWell – Occupational Health space in Biddeford. Southern Maine Health Care provided the plans for the project. Ouellet updated the 3,800 sqft building and created new exam spaces to accommodate the occupational health practice’s move from the hospital to an expanded practice area. Moving the occupational health practice area also helped to make space available in the hospital for an expanded inpatient pharmacy.

Mobile MRI Van Replacement: Sanford
Ouellet worked with CWS Architects on the mobile MRI van replacement on the SMHC Sanford campus. We replaced SMHC’s portable MRI van with a new, large bore portable MRI van. We updated the deteriorated site pad and created a new connector from the building to the van, allowing for a seamless transition for patients entering the MRI suite from the hospital. Patients now enter the suite without realizing they’re stepping into a semi-portable unit.

Finance Department Renovations: Kennebunk
Ouellet worked with CWS Architects to complete finance department renovations on the SMHC Kennebunk campus. We created new offices and open work areas, allowing the finance department to consolidate into one area to make way for future medical practice expansions at the former multiple locations.

smrt architects
SMRT Architects – Portland, Maine

SMRT Architects is another valued partner of ours, and they have won many awards for their work. They are based in Portland, Maine but have additional offices in Bangor, Maine, Albany, NY, and Andover, MA.

CWS ArchitectsCWS Architects – Portland, Maine

The CWS Architects team is extremely hard-working. Ouellet has worked with CWS on dozens of projects over the past decade, including the Day’s Jewelers in Topsham.

We’ve worked most closely with Guy T. Labrecque, Jr. AIA, Kevin Morissette AIA, and Rebecca Bagley AIA, during our partnership. Our teams really enjoy working together, and our results are consistently remarkable.

Thornton Oaks

Thornton Oaks Retirement Community – Brunswick, Maine

Ouellet Construction has been renovating the private homes at Thornton Oaks Retirement Community for more than 5 years. Each year, we renovate the interiors of approximately 5-7 of the 78 total private homes before they are resold. 

All Saints Parish – Brunswick, Maine

All Saints Parish
St. John’s Community Center

Though our work on the All Saints Parish multipurpose facility officially started in 2017, the real work began at the beginning of 2018. The building started to take shape in the Spring of 2018 and came to a close at the beginning of 2019. This unique and highly rewarding project was a big part of Ouellet Construction’s work in 2018.

Ouellet Construction All Saints Parish Brunswick Maine
Memorial Day Float

While working on the multipurpose facility, Ouellet Construction had another opportunity to give back to the Brunswick community. They helped build a float for St. John’s Catholic School in the Memorial Day parade. We had a lot of fun, and several community members helped out.

Scott Simons Architects Logo
Scott Simons Architects – Portland, Maine

This was our first experience working with Scott Simons Architects and we look forward to working with them again in the future. Working together on this project, we discovered that our firms are very compatible when it comes to the quality of standards to which we hold ourselves.

Our collaboration on the All Saints Parish multipurpose facility was a highly unique and rewarding experience. Their entire team was terrific to work with on this project, and the results speak for themselves.

LabVenture! Facility at Gulf of Maine Research Institute – Portland, Maine

Labventue space

In early Fall 2018, Ouellet Construction wrapped up their work on renovating the LabVenture! Facility at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. The space rendered local and national attention. More importantly, it provides young Maine students with the opportunity to use real NASA satellite data and local fishery data to learn about the Gulf of Maine. View additional renovation photos, here.

Lassel Architects, PA – South Berwick, Maine

Lassel Architects PA

Ouellet worked with the GMRI team and multiple vendors from around the country. The architect on the project was a local firm, Lassel Architects PA of South Berwick, Maine. They are an award-winning architectural and planning firm with a talented team of professionals that we thoroughly enjoyed working with.

Day's Jewelers Nashua

Day’s Jewelers – Nashua, New Hampshire

Ouellet’s role in the construction of the newest Day’s Jewelers location in Nashua, NH, was a bit unconventional. However, our role as an owner’s representative was a worthwhile decision for both Ouellet Construction and the client.

Throughout the project, we worked to provide solutions that were best for our client. Each decision was made to meet the challenges of a tight timeline, but also keeping the client’s financial needs in mind.

The store opened in November, just before the busiest part of the holiday season. Be on the lookout for more pictures of the project, coming soon!

Fulcrum Associates – Amherst, New Hampshire


Fulcrum Associates out of Amherst, New Hampshire provided construction services on this project, and the results were wonderful. They met project expectations at every turn.

Two architects worked together on the design of the Day’s Jeweler’s Nashua location. It was truly a joint effort between Dennis Mires, P.A., The Architects, and CWS Architects. The exterior shell of the building was designed by Dennis Mires, P.A., The Architects, while CWS Architects designed the interior.

Dennis Mires, P.A., The Architects – Manchester, New Hampshire

Dennis Mires P.A. The Architects

Dennis Mires, P.A., The Architects is an 8-person architectural firm based out of Manchester, New Hampshire. They serve New England businesses, municipalities, nonprofits, and individuals, with the following mission: “Fun, satisfaction, and flexibility in translating dreams into forms and spaces.”

Looking Ahead

Ouellet Construction loves what we do and we’re humbly proud of what we accomplished as a team in 2018. We also know that we couldn’t have done it without the many wonderful businesses we partnered with to complete each building.

There are so many people involved in making each project a success, including our clients and partners, subcontractors, suppliers, and engineers, and we appreciate every one of them. We sincerely hope that 2019 brings new, long-lasting partnerships and that the relationships we build moving forward are just as strong as our existing ones.

Are you looking for more than just a commercial construction vendor? Ouellet Construction prides itself on building lasting partnerships. Let’s work together on your next project and build something remarkable. Contact Ouellet Construction today.